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What is workforce management software? While you may be just learning about CommunityWFM, it has been changing the way contact centers view workforce management (WFM) software since 2002 and our software is widely installed across North America and increasingly abroad. Easy to use and with low impact deployments, the mature and innovative workforce management software applications and tools found in CommunityWFM appeal to the most seasoned and biased users of legacy workforce management platforms.

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The uniqueness of the CommunityWFM solution is that it was designed from its inception to also provide a unifying communications platform. Our solution enables your entire contact center, including schedulers, supervisors, and agents to participate in your unique workforce management strategy in a way that has never previously been available to the users of WFM tools.

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Agent portals, available from within our software and the Community Everywhere mobile WFM app, unify your workforce as actions by agents, supervisors, and schedulers trigger instant notifications through a sophisticated two-way communications framework. Now, regardless of the location of your workforce, everyone is connected. Your business can now connect with and flex your entire agent workforce within minutes to respond to the unique fluctuations of customer demand.

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Your business could save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with WFM software tools. By leveraging a modern and simplified approach to workforce management, you improve not only your bottom line but also the morale and happiness of your entire team.

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