Ensure you have the right number of agents at the right time with contact center scheduling software.

Minimize costs and maximize agent productivity with the CommunityWFM contact center scheduling software and the schedule optimization wizard.

CommunityWFM users have the ability to influence the scheduling engine to minimize costs, maximize coverage or use a balanced approach following the easy to use wizard for call center scheduling software.

The CommunityWFM contact center scheduling software solution is one of the leading agent scheduling tools on the market. Our customers enjoy the following scheduling solutions so they are able to craft the exact schedule for their needs.

  • Fast and accurate schedule optimization - fixed, floating and rotating schedules
  • Intraday schedule re-optimization of selected events
  • Fully automated end-to-end scheduling bidding
  • Schedule efficiency measurement and user-adjustable cost vs. coverage analysis

On top of these contact center schedule optimization solutions, one offering in particular sets scheduling with CommunityWFM apart from the competition...

Automated Schedule Attendance Monitor (ASAM)

ASAM, integrated with the phone system and the agent mobile app, provides an automated and streamlined approach to track agent arrival and attendance. The Attendance Monitor in ASAM allows supervisors to view agents as they arrive by specific time intervals, and the Arrival Detail Console provides a dashboard of an agent’s status while streamlining the process of managing exceptions.

SCH ASAM MB V4 Crop 690pxw

Agent Self Service Kiosk (ASSK)

Companies rely on ASSK to provide schedule adjustment options. When implemented, flexible and unstructured events such as compliance tasks or training can be placed onto the schedules of agents. Each agent can then choose when they want to complete the event, including during off hours. Every selected time is automatically approved or denied based on preconfigured business rules to ensure the event does not conflict with an existing schedule.

ASSK Example

Want to learn more about the unique contact center scheduling features found within CommunityWFM?

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