Enterprise workforce management software turns a workforce into a community.

Our Enterprise workforce management software expands on the Essentials solution to provide a modern and simplified approach to workforce management. Learn more about the CommunityWFM difference.

Large companies face a wide array of unique challenges with managing their workforce. You've got a big team with different sites and a lot of variables that are changing on an hourly basis. Simply put, with so many agents you're looking for technology to streamline and automate time consuming tasks. You want enterprise workforce management software that can help you get hours back in your day, not take them away.

The CommunityWFM Enterprise workforce management solution was created by industry experts with a core focus to help boost productivity and control costs. Founded in 2005 with a specific vision to make the day-to-day job of a WFM professional easier, the software has over a decade of carefully crafted and refined features. From shift bidding to intraday management and everything in between, CommunityWFM Enterprise is leveraged by thousands of users daily and is one of the most complete workforce management solutions in the industry.



Solving Intraday Challenges

Adjust on the fly for whatever comes your way.

One of the unique challenges WFM professionals face is making different schedule changes in real-time. What should you do when an agent has to go home sick? What if inclement weather is creating agent attendance issues?

CommunityWFM Enterprise was built with a core focus on managing the ups and downs of workforce needs throughout the day. 

For these challenges, leveraging previously created Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans (ASAP) means you already have a strategy in place. Don't start the process from scratch every time a day goes sideways. Instead, leverage past experiences to quickly implement a proven plan that works.

You also shouldn't need to keep track of attendance manually. ASAM (Automated Schedule Attendance Monitor) is ideal for streamlining the agent attendance process so you can focus on other tasks.

Automated Schedule Adjustment
Plans (ASAP)

Save your WFM strategies and save time.

CommunityWFM Enterprise provides a one-of-a-kind solution that enables analysts to create, save and re-use an unlimited number of customizable workforce strategies. This on-demand feature is a game changer that allows analysts to increase, decrease or refine staffing levels, virtually eliminating time-consuming schedule modification processes.

Automated Schedule Attendance Monitor (ASAM)

Automate agent arrival and attendance tracking.

ASAM provides an automated and streamlined approach to track agent arrival and attendance. The Attendance Monitor allows supervisors to view agents as they arrive by specific time intervals, and the Arrival Detail Console provides a dashboard of an agent’s status for managing exceptions to employee schedules.

ASAP and ASAM are powerful difference makers for WFM analysts.

These unique contact center solutions weren't created overnight and many WFM professionals that leverage CommunityWFM wonder how they lived without them. There is a lot going on with these technologies, and we've found a short demo that is customized to your specific needs is usually the best strategy to learn more about these solutions.

We have dedicated product specalists that would love to learn more about your WFM struggles and show you how ASAP and ASAM can help.

Book your demo of ASAP and ASAM 

Ultra Clean User Interface

Get where you need to be with minimal effort.

Workforce management professionals have a lot of responsibility. Efficient time management is critical to a productive day. 

CommunityWFM Enterprise workforce management has been designed from the ground up with a focus on reducing clicks and time spent finding the exact information you need. Jumping from forecasting to reporting to scheduling is a process that takes seconds, not minutes. Whether through the feature tiles, the breadcrumb navigation, or drop down menu, getting where you need to go is quick and straightforward.

In addition, the software can be changed into four unique languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish) to help you achieve operational excellence and improve product comfort. A specific language can be configured for an individual or a group of users in minutes.

Communication and Collaboration

Speak to agents directly within the software.

The agent tech stack for communication is getting complex. Of course there's email, but now there is instant messaging, texting, and additional ways companies communicate to get the job done. While so many options can be great for collaboration, they can also cause confusion.

CommunityWFM Enterprise is more than just a forecasting and scheduling tool. It also powers communication and collaboration to create stronger work relationships. After all, it's all about creating a Community and a better work life balance. 

Send an ad-hoc message or notification to a group of agents or supervisors. Or ask agents directly for opt-in shift adjustments. Or let the team know about upcoming scheduled events. It's a full communication network built directly within a WFM infrastructure.

Stop jumping between systems to communicate. There's a better way.

Agent Portal

The easy to use dashboard for your agents.

The agent portal in CommunityWFM Enterprise is the agent's personal browser-based scheduling and communication hub. 

Make life easier for everyone. Here your agents have access to the following:

  • Weekly or monthly schedule views
  • Event and schedule notifications
  • Overtime offers
  • Adherence information
  • Communication preferences
  • And more!
Learn more about the Agent Portal

Reporting and Data Targets

The data you need at your fingertips.

For WFM professionals, data is everything. Accessing to critical data is the key to their productivity and making quick decisions that move the needle.

CommunityWFM Enterprise understands the importance of key information and provides a variety of tools to access, report, and share your data:

  • Intraday and historical adherence with comparisons
  • Multi-skill service level prediction
  • Intraday performance
  • Detailed shrinkage reporting
  • Export data to Excel spreadsheets
  • Automated data export options
View detailed Reporting examples

Unmatched Onboarding Experience

Your success is always the top priority.

Teaching new customers is paramount to a great software company. All CommunityWFM Enterprise customers go through our extensive Steps-to-Success™ onboarding experience. Led only by former WFM professionals, our team of onboarding consultants will deliver several collaborative sessions to get you up and running and help you optimize your workforce management system. 

Learn more about Enterprise Onboarding

Schedule Bidding

Let agent participation build your schedule.

Stop managing schedules and put the power in the hands of your agents for an experience you'll both prefer. CommunityWFM Enterprise provides a fully automated end-to-end approach for schedule bidding.

  • Create optimized schedules independent of agents
  • Choose which agents will participate in the bid
  • Allow agents to rank their choices based on color-coded shift probabilities
  • Automatically compare agent rankings against the available inventory of schedules

Schedules are then automatically created and assigned to agents. There's no longer a need to send out or post a schedule each week, every agent will receive an individual notification on which schedule bid they won. Increase agent satisfaction and save time!


Multi-site Install Support

Manage all your locations from one place.

CommunityWFM Enterprise brings a cloud architecture to its customers to enable collaboration between multiple locations. Manage your global workforce from one source and stay connected with the greater team. No more jumping between systems to configure or get the information you need for each location, Everything you need is in one place.

Multi-ACD Data Integrations

Make better decisions with more information.

Getting actionable information is essential to WFM success. With our ability to pull in data from multiple active call distribution (ACD) sources at the same time, you'll always have the right information at your fingertips to monitor agents in real-time and create the best forecasts and schedules possible.

Our Workforce Management Mobile App Solution

Community Everywhere helps you stay connected with your team wherever they are.


The days of playing phone tag with agents is over.

The CommunityWFM mobile app, called Community Everywhere, is a powerful solution for both agents and supervisors.

On-the-go agents are able to:

• View their schedules and attendance history
• Receive notifications and accept or decline offers for over/under time
• Notify supervisors of tardiness
• Take unplanned time off

It's workforce planning and workforce management for the mobile generation and available to all users of the software.


Enterprise FAQ

What are the highlights of forecasting and scheduling in CommunityWFM Enterprise?

Automation is a key component of both the forecasting and scheduling tools within CommunityWFM Enterprise. Below are a few areas where the solutions stand out and impact contact centers in a positive way.


  • Skill-based omni-channel forecasting with media-type service metrics
  • User definable data selection for forecasting
  • Seamlessly combining spreadsheet data into forecasts
  • Supporting time of day and day of week shrinkage and service objectives
  • Unlimited forecasts for the same date range and creation of future forecasts


  • Fast and accurate schedule options - fixed, floating, and rotating
  • Intraday schedule re-optimization of selected events
  • Fully automated end-to-end scheduling bidding
  • Schedule efficiency measurement and user-adjustable cost versus coverage analysis
  • Agent schedules are easily viewable by multiple roles in the contact center

Does CommunityWFM have multilingual capabilities?

Yes. The Enterprise solution has native language support for four of the most popular languages in the world (English, French Canadian, Mexican Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese). Whether enabled for a single agent or a group, the language experience changes across the entire product to meet the needs of a global contact center.

What self-service options exist for agents within CommunityWFM Enterprise?

The core self-service solutions for agents provided within CommunityWFM Enterprise are related to bidding processes. Agents can bid not only on schedules but also on time off with multiple options for a contact center to configure the bidding process to their specific needs.

There is also another solution within the product which permits agents to schedule time for specific events. The Agent Self Service Kiosk (ASSK) allows agents to complete non-urgent tasks during their preferred times. Simply create an event, such as attending a virtual HR compliance session, and let relevant agents know about it in a few clicks. With the ASSK system, agents can choose an exact time to complete the session (including during off hours) and have it validated and approved by the technology immediately.

Which software integrations are the most common with CommunityWFM?

The CommunityWFM Enterprise product has existed for over a decade and has been built to strategically integrate to an array of different but complimentary software solutions.

Some of the most common integrations include…

  • Contact center as a service (CCaaS) providers
  • Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) providers
  • HR software solutions
  • Accounting and payroll technologies
  • Broader workforce engagement management (WEM) software
  • AI and/or automation technology suites

CommunityWFM was created with a channel partner focus and enables companies to improve their own product with our industry leading contact center workforce management technology. The partner overview page provides additional information on this topic.