WFM managed services are like a workforce management analyst at your fingertips.

WFM Managed services for overcoming resource limitations.


CommunityWFM Managed Services provides our customers with highly skilled on demand workforce management expertise on demand and in conjunction with your solution. Your team can start to realize the benefits of our automated, integrated workforce management solutions immediately following installation while avoiding the cost of training in-house personnel. In some cases it's like having your own analyst to contact as needed.

Our WFM managed services team has years of experience forecasting, scheduling, reporting, and handling other key WFM activities. CommunityWFM Managed Services are ideal for first time adopters and any contact center that is faced with the challenge of limited resources and budgets. We can also step in quickly in the event of loss of key WFM personnel.

What are the benefits of CommunityWFM Managed Services?

Accelerate product adoption.

Eliminate training cost of in-house personnel.

No loss of investment due to employee turnover.

Work monitored through a historical change audit log.

Cost effective approach to utilizing experienced WFM resources.

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