Learn all about CommunityWFM and our unique history.

The CommunityWFM advantage through contact center workforce management software.

CommunityWFM (formerly WFMSG) is a software company founded in 2005 that is comprised of a team of workforce management (WFM) experts who lead innovation within the industry. From sales to onboarding, product design, and support services, CommunityWFM clients are engaging with industry experts who have thousands of hours of WFM experience. This knowledge has enabled us to not only offer unique forecasting and scheduling platform, but also provides us with internal capabilities to deliver onboarding services to ensure rapid and effective product usage.

The CommunityWFM Difference

The CommunityWFM product has evolved into a two-tiered approach which presents contact centers with a unique and modern workforce management solution regardless of size or scale. CommunityWFM Essentials provides core WFM features and functionality to emerging contact centers at an affordable price point. Larger contact centers requiring additional and more complex solutions choose CommunityWFM Enterprise. With technology including adaptive intraday management, automated attendance, time off management, an agent portal and more, the Enterprise product is a leading solution within the WFM software industry.

Built from the ground up with both work from home and in-office agents in mind, internal communication has always been a key focus. CommunityWFM leverages multiple communication channels including desktop notification, text message, email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and the Community Everywhere mobile app to keep your team connected. This dedication to communication creates a true “Community” within your contact center team. Working seamlessly across so many channels enables contact centers to quickly stay aligned with varying customer demand, engage efficiently, and satisfy your agent needs while also controlling the cost of your operations.

A Leading WFM Contact Center Workforce Management Solution

CommunityWFM checks all the standard boxes for WFM software and includes unique features delivered within an intuitive and responsive user interface, setting a new standard within the industry for ease of use. The technology is built on a modern architecture and is available in multiple cloud configurations.

The team at CommunityWFM continues to work tirelessly on improving its product suite to provide contact centers with a competitive edge for retaining both customers and agents. With over a decade of experience and a sole focus on the industry, we continue to be a contact center workforce management company that drives innovation and push its product to the next level.