CommunityWFM leadership with a focus on workforce management technology.

The CommunityWFM Leadership Team

DARYL A. GONOS CEO & Co-founder Responsibilities: Sales & Marketing

Daryl Gonos has spent the past 25 years focused exclusively on workforce management system and services sales and marketing. He Co-founded the Workforce Management Software Group (WFMSG) in 2005 and previously founded the WorkForce Management Group (WFMG) in 1996. Prior to founding these ventures he held the position as Vice President of Sales for Cybernetics Systems International responsible for all of North America. CSI was successfully acquired in 1995.

TODD A. COTHARIN COO & Co-founder Responsibilities: Product Management and Operations

Prior to founding both WFMSG and WFMG, Todd Cotharin managed multiple contact centers for Citibank. He joined Cybernetics Systems International and held the position of Director of Customer Service responsible for all support and deployment personnel for the prominent workforce management solutions provider. Todd has both designed and influenced a number of workforce management solutions on the market today and is a widely recognized industry thought leader on the CommunityWFM leadership team.

PETER A. SCHMIDT CTO & Co-founder Responsibilities: Product Development

Peter Schmidt has been the lead architect of CommunityWFM solution since its inception in 2000. He has collaborated extensively with Todd Cotharin on features and design innovation for the CommunityWFM solution and leads the engineering development team. Peter holds a computer sciences degree from Texas A&M University.