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Companies around the world rely on CommunityWFM and its ability to enable custom workforce management strategies that lead to contact center success, a better customer experience, and improved customer satisfaction.

Here's why CommunityWFM is a leader in the industry.

  • The software is created and maintained by workforce management (WFM) professionals who understand the unique challenges contact centers face every day.
  • Our workforce management system is the sole product focus and driver of innovation. There are no internal projects that create delays or provide unnecessary obstacles.
  • The unique and effective steps-to-success onboarding process provided by CommunityWFM is unmatched in the industry. Never feel like you have software that is unusable or making your work with contact center agents more difficult.

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Why CommunityWFM is different than the competition.

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CommunityWFM enables its customers to automate an array of complex scheduling scenarios. Fill a vacant shift immediately and track attendance in real-time with industry leading automated scheduling capabilities



Don't spend time finding agents across different channels. CommunityWFM provides contact centers with a communications framework to improve agent performance so all conversations are highly actionable and remain in one place. 


Mobile App

The Community Everywhere mobile app enables contact centers to keep in touch with their mobile agent workforce from anywhere. Agents receive real time notifications about shift changes, time off events, and much more.

Compare Community WFM and its competitors.

CommunityWFM Most Competitors
  • Built for Remote Agents Blue Check Orange X
  • Easy to Use Software Blue Check
  • Multilingual User Configuration Blue Check
  • Forecasting and Scheduling Blue Check Orange X
  • Automated Scheduling Blue Check Orange X
  • Modern Time Off Management Capabilities Blue Check
  • Adherence Monitoring Blue Check Orange X
  • Attendance Monitor Blue Check
  • Intraday Management Capabilities Blue Check Orange X
  • Intraday Re-optimization Solution Blue Check
  • Reporting Capabilities Blue Check Orange X
  • Highly Rated Mobile App Blue Check
  • Agent Portal Blue Check Orange X
  • Integrated Employee Communications Blue Check
  • Partnerships with Top ACD Technologies Blue Check Orange X
  • Innovative and Extensive Product Onboarding Blue Check
  • Offers Professional WFM Services Blue Check Orange X

What different customers and partners have to say.

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Deploying CommunityWFM is an amazing product that is easy to use and much cheaper than the competitors. The product is easy to use, has a great technical group, and also provides a quality support staff.
Data and Communications Manager
Health and Wellness Industry

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Created with a partner focused approach.

Built to assist with elevating complimentary software solutions.

CommunityWFM is a stand alone contact center workforce management solution that has evolved into an industry leader through channel partner relationships. Below are a few of the ways CommunityWFM is different from the competition because of this unique business model.

  • Workforce management is our sole focus, we do no pursue other opportunities within a customer base when a partnership is formed. All customer interactions can be handled directly by the partner if applicable.
  • Our technology is often the missing piece in a broader solution, such as workforce optimization, which provides partners with a competitive edge when it comes to acquiring new business.
  • All product development resources are devoted to workforce management efforts, such as improving the real time agent tracking process.
  • Our entire staff - from sales to operations - is full of workforce management industry experts in a variety of different roles that are all dedicated to improving customer relationships.
  • We understand the complexity of WFM products and provide extensive training, onboarding, and support to ensure each customer, whether direct or through a partnership, has the educational resources they need to be successful. 

Over a decade of creating strategic channel relationships has led to CommunityWFM partnering with companies across multiple industries to improve customer satisfaction. Some of the most common end user industries include...

  • Banking / Credit Union
  • Insurance
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Legal / Government Services
  • Retail

Partnering with CommunityWFM means having a company with a modern workforce management software solution in your corner that truly cares about partner relationships. Click here to learn more about joining our cloud contact center software partner network.