Workforce management services for contact center professionals.

Our WFM services help change how you and your team work together.


While the team at CommunityWFM is focused on providing the best workforce management (WFM) software in the contact center industry, we also know that being great requires more than exceptional technology. Some software companies are bogged down with technical support requests. That's not us. When a customer reaches out to CommunityWFM, its often for advice or guidance on how to better improve WFM at their contact center.

Below is a brief summary of the key contact center workforce management services CommunityWFM provides to facilitate success for its valued customers.


Few companies in the entire software industry offer an onboarding experience as extensive as ours. The multiday process holds the hand of new customers the entire way. With an on-site or virtual experience (depending on your business), a highly skilled onboarding WFM specialist that has experience working in the contact center industry assists with pre-training, training, and post-launch optimizations.

Customer Success

CommunityWFM was founded over a decade ago by consultants and experts in the WFM industry. This fact means ensuring customer success is and always will be at the core of the company. Every customer has their own success manager they can ask questions to, request information and advice from, and much more. Simply put, it's the least we can do for our customers. 

Cloud Hosting

Whether a company has 50 or 10,000 agents, CommunityWFM has the cloud hosting capabilities with its WFM software. Delivered on reliable and well-known infrastructures, leveraging a cloud hosting solution is a great way to reduce IT overhead, increase efficiency, and improve communication. Cloud hosting is here to stay and it's a great service that seamlessly scales with a company as it grows.

Managed Services

Do you need a highly skilled WFM expert? CommunityWFM provides a qualified workforce management team with years of experience scheduling, reporting, forecasting, and more. Customers utilize our managed services when in-house personnel just isn't working for meeting the WFM needs of your company. Whether it's a month or a year, our managed services can assist with your business.  

Custom Integrations

If you want your technology to work better across the enterprise, our custom integrations can connect the dots. With the internal capabilities to assist customers through WFM integrations, we can build a way for you to work smarter. Our custom integration process is a well-defined approach to ensure the integration you desire is built to your needs, extensively tested, and has ongoing support.