Workforce management reporting for modern businesses.

Get the information you need with real-time visual reporting that covers many different areas of the software.

CommunityWFM is a leader when it comes to workforce management reporting because of the unique and relevant data we provide to our customers. With a priority on relevant data that is easy to access and understand, businesses are able to get the information they need to make actionable business decisions that matter. No more hunting for reports or making workforce management decisions based on hunches or irrelevant information. Leverage data that matters and even combine data from other sources via import to make your WFM software solution a hub of information.

Common reports include:

  • Adherence monitoring
  • Agent adherence violation
  • Daily adherence analysis
  • Daily schedule analysis
  • Intraday performance in relation to staffing
  • Intraday performance in relation to contact volume
  • Real-time adherence alerts
  • Schedule analytics 
  • Schedule event summary
  • Schedule grade service summary

Check out the examples below to see what CommunityWFM customers experience with our contact center reporting and analytics capabilities.