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WFM solutions for modern businesses.

Engage your workforce through the power of community.

Workforce management software solutions built by industry experts to increase productivity and efficiency.


Getting the most out of your workforce has never been easier. You need a solution you can count on.

Every new day brings a different challenge for workforce management (WFM) analysts. You need WFM solutions and a software partner that understands your unique challenges, and does what it takes to develop accurate WFM strategies. 

CommunityWFM is the workforce management system thousands of professionals turn to every day for accurate forecasting and schedule optimization. 

Why do so many companies rely on us?

  • Designed by WFM professionals that understand the role of an analyst inside and out. If you have a unique challenge, we can help you solve it.
  • Workforce management is our sole focus, which is a key reason why customers like our modern software design and simplified solution.
  • Our steps-to-success onboarding process is unmatched in the industry. We pride ourselves on using best practices to make sure you get the most out of our software.
  • Built to support a global contact center with multilingual capabilities in Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mexican Spanish.

Manage your workforce in ways you didn't think were possible with the power of CommunityWFM! See how we're different from other WFM solutions in the video below.

The core strengths of CommunityWFM.

The backbone of our industry leading solution according to our customers.



With so many shifting variables in the contact center, making quick schedule adjustments is critical to maintaining your service goals and managing overhead costs. CommunityWFM automates critical intraday tasks to ensure you have the right number of staff at the right time.  Work smarter, not harder, and focus on what really matters. 



Any seasoned WFM analyst will tell you that having immediate access to the contact center staff is of vital importance to accomplishing their scheduling goals. CommunityWFM provides a multi-channel collaboration platform directly within its software so supervisors and agents are both involved in the scheduling process. 


Ease of Use

Having consulted with hundreds of WFM professionals on legacy systems, we have a strong appreciation for simplifying complex workforce management processes. That's why CommunityWFM takes a straightforward, wizard-based approach to solving both common and timely WFM challenges with a clean and modern user interface. 

One Community, two WFM solutions, created for many types of workforces.

CommunityWFM is industry agnostic and built for most businesses regardless of size.

As an industry leader for the past decade, CommunityWFM is a trusted software partner to some of the most well-known and respected brands in the United States and Canada. With well over a decade of solving real WFM issues for leading companies, our WFM solutions take a unique approach by empowering agents through collaboration to drive actual business results. 



CommunityWFM Essentials is a solution for small to mid-size workforce teams. A streamlined version of our Enterprise product, Essentials provides a lower price point to meet the needs of emerging companies.


Learn more about Essentials



CommunityWFM Enterprise is our core software solution for large and multi-site workforce teams. It's one of the most advanced WFM software solutions on the market.


Learn more about Enterprise

CommunityWFM features by solution type.

Essentials Enterprise
  • < 100 Agents Blue Check Orange Check
  • 101 - 10,000 Agents Orange Check
  • Single Site Blue Check Orange Check
  • Multi-Site, Virtual Sites Orange Check
  • Work-at-Home Agents Blue Check Orange Check
  • ACD Integration Blue Check Orange Check
  • Multiple ACD Integrations Orange Check
  • Outlook, Slack, and Teams Integrations Orange Check
  • SMS and Internal Messaging Blue Check Orange Check
  • Internal Memos and Notifications Blue Check Orange Check
  • Forecasting Blue Check Orange Check
  • Advanced Forecasting Orange Check
  • Schedule Optimization Blue Check Orange Check
  • Advanced Scheduling and Shift Bidding Orange Check
  • Intraday Management & Reporting Blue Check Orange Check
  • Adaptive Intraday Management Orange Check
  • Agent Schedule Adherence Blue Check Orange Check
  • Adherence Dashboard Orange Check
  • Automated Attendance Monitor Orange Check
  • Agent Mobile App Blue Check Orange Check
  • Time Off Management Orange Check
  • Advanced Data Management Orange Check

What our customers and partners have to say.

As a company focused on Community, we strive to create a software solution with real impact.


Deploying CommunityWFM enabled us to increase agent adherence by 20%. We absorbed a 10% staff reduction without a decrease in service levels as a direct result! We cannot imagine our center without it.
Senior Manager, Customer Care
Financial Industry

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