Consistently meet demand and advance your level of customer service with call forecasting software.

Accurately leverage call forecasting software to meet agent requirements with a solution specifically tailored to your call center's demand.

The wizard-based call center forecasting software by CommunityWFM intuitively walks users through the processes that capture efficiency and control costs. Users can run very advanced "what-if" analysis by varying demand, service level and overhead values to accurately forecast staffing levels. Step-by-step, administrators build a working forecast model derived from historic contact volume and handle time, service objectives, and shrinkage percentages. They can then routinely produce an unlimited number of optimized schedules against any of an unlimited number of forecasts or staff plans.

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The rich data collection in CommunityWFM generates forecasts with precision.

CommunityWFM users have access to six different modeling engines from within their call center forecasting tool. They can use historical data and even data from outside of the application to precisely dimension demand into the center and its arrival pattern. Scenarios can be run in minutes versus manually intensive Microsoft Excel based calculations or model events that legacy WFM technologies are not equipped to manage.

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Skills-based algorithms delivers immediate gains in efficiency.

CommunityWFM uses both a standard Erlang C staffing calculation and a proprietary multi-skilled algorithm to produce staff plans that precisely measures and reports the efficiency gain associated with your multi-skilled population based upon the actual skills of your agents. This type of modeling brings a whole new level of sophistication to “what-if” analysis.


Does your contact center need help creating more accurate and reliable forecasts?

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