Item Descriptions

  1. SAAS minimum annual subscription commitment

The minimum annual subscription commitment is based on the annual forecasted agents. If 100 agents are predicted for one year, cost for 100 agents will be the monthly charge for the entire year. If that amount changes to above 100 agents, premium charges will be added for the increased number of agents. (Selection based on reseller agreement).

  1. SAAS target monthly commitment

The target monthly commitment is based on forecasted agents by month. For example, if 150 agents are predicted for January and 200 for February, the company will be charged differently each of those months. (Selection based on reseller agreement).

  1. Number of perpetual licenses

The number of permanent licenses that will not expire; ongoing support for these licenses determined by annual Software assurance fees and contract.


Optional Community Components

  1. Staging database adapter. Community can provide adapters for extracting raw data for additional cost.
  2. Data Targets. Automated output of report data to text files
  3. Agent Mobile App. This option allows for agents to receive our mobile app that allows them to view schedules, receive instant notifications, request time off, call in late or call in sick.
  4. Email Gateway. This option allows for an email server for incoming and outgoing email.
  5. Text Message Gateway. This is an SMS gateway allowing for a computer to send Short Message Service or Multimedia Messaging service.


Professional Services

  1. On-boarding for Enterprise. Community Enterprise follows our well-defined and time-tested Steps-to-Success on-boarding process. This includes project management, remote installation and integration, and three on-site training sessions, totaling eight (8) days delivered in a 2/4/2 days cycle.  
  2. On-boarding for Essentials. Community Essentials is deployed in just two-steps:   Enable and integrate the hosted instance and complete two days of training.


Added Professional Services

  1. Describe any other professional service not listed here.
  2. Software assurance fees for perpetual licenses. This is a fee for program maintenance for users of Essentials or Enterprise.
  3. Annual hosting fees, if applicable. If Community is hosting Enterprise, additional hosting fees may be charged when applicable.


Special notes and conditions

  • Community Essentials is only available under a subscription model, hosted by WFMSG. And has the one optional add on component of the Community Everywhere Mobile Application
  • Community Enterprise “licenses” may be purchased for a one-time fee or users may subscribe to the service. Annual Software Assurance fees will apply to perpetual software license purchases.
  • Community Enterprise may be deployed on-premise, in the Community Cloud or in Hybrid, model regardless of their license mode.
  • Community Enterprise has five optional components: Staging Database Adapter, Data Targets, Community Everywhere mobile app., email gateway and text message gateway.