Help Desk and Software Maintenance

CommunityWFM agrees to perform and Customer agrees to accept post deployment software support services for the Licensed Program at Customer site (hereinafter “Software Maintenance”).

  1. CommunityWFM SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE - For as long as this Agreement is in effect and current or for the period specified in an accepted order:
    a. CommunityWFM will provide Customer with unlimited access to the toll free number (877-668-6870, option 2) help desk for Software support to aid in product utilization, or “how to” questions and to assist the Customers resources with technical connectivity or IT problem identified during standard business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST) Monday through not including nationally recognized holidays and other days that CommunityWFM may designate at its discretion as closed or “limited support” days. The Customer understands that infrastructure related to the CommunityWFM Software platform are the sole responsibility of the Customer but that CommunityWFM will assist to help isolate or help the customer identify issues to its reasonable and best ability. These services must include the ability for the CommunityWFM support team to have remote access to Customer's Community SaaS software for on-line support.
  1. CommunityWFM shall supply Customer with fixes at no charge that correct problems identified by the customer or that CommunityWFM shall diagnose as defects in currently supported versions of the Software, as such problems and corrections become known to CommunityWFM.
  1. CommunityWFM, in the course of providing support, may diagnose Software errors or problems that may be addressed procedurally or with a supplied work-around. The Customer agrees to accept these procedural or work-around fixes as a solution to the issues.
  2. b. Corrections for difficulties or defects traceable to Customer errors or system changes will be billed at CommunityWFM's standard time and material rates of $250/hour or at a negotiated rate for the duration of the system recovery for extended outages.

  3. c. CommunityWFM shall supply Customer with all software upgrades to the product at no additional charge as long as the Customer maintains the Service excluding connectors, adapters and any web services applications, or gateways.
      1. Items not covered under standard Community maintenance include:
        • ACD upgrades that require modification to an existing adapter
        • Re-installation of the Community software generated by the customer activities or hardware failure
        • Network, hardware and customer infrastructure issues
        • Additional training sessions
        • On-site services
        • After hours and weekend support services

The CommunityWFM help desk will assist in isolating or trouble shooting issues that may adversely affect Community’s performance.


  1. RESPONSIBILITY - CUSTOMER understands and agrees CommunityWFM may develop, but is not obligated to supply upgrades or new releases of the software, except to the extent CommunityWFM supplies an upgrade or new release to its Customers generally, in which case, CommunityWFM shall supply the same to Customer at no additional charge. The Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for cooperating with CommunityWFM or implementing and installing updates and new releases of Software under CommunityWFM direction, and other changes to the Software that may be provided by CommunityWFM at no additional charge to Customer under the terms of this Agreement. CommunityWFM shall have no obligation to maintain any Software in which a fix provided by CommunityWFM has not been installed or that has been developed or installed by any third party. Customer agrees to provide remote access to the licensed program’s server to the CommunityWFM support team.

  1. TERM - This Software Maintenance Agreement is in effect on the first day of the month following completion of the initial 4-day on-site training class and shall remain in effect for as long as the customer retains the Service.